Non Lucrative Visa Spain

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None Lucrative Visa Spain - You need the best advice.

Spain has gone through some major changes after Brexit. Applying for a Non Lucrative Visa can be a scary process. Should you wish to stay in Spain longer than the permitted 3 months in any six month period you can apply for the new Non Lucrative Visa Spain and live and potentially work in Spain without the need to leave the country. 

Non lucrative visa Spain

What's the process?


Contact us and we can call, email, or even jump on a video call to explain how applying for a Non lucrative Visa Spain works.


We listen to your situation, needs, wish list for a life in Spain and give FREE and accurate advice of the process which will suit you.

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Armed with the information regards obtaining the Non lucrative visa Spain we will help with advice on your application process.

What you need for a non lucrative visa Spain

Living in Spain and the options.

Every situation is different. As is every person or family. There are some set in stone figures that enable you to qualify for the non lucrative visa Spain, such as how much money you need in the bank to sustain yourself, or your family to enable staying and living here. However, it is always best to tell us what your vision is. There are several options open such as the Golden Visa and investments. Every situation is different so best for us to have a quick chat with you so we can give the best advice. 

What is the golden Visa?

The Golden Visa allows you residency in Spain for investing in the country. Through investments or property. 

Have you done successful applications?

We have been on the coast for 20 years. we help with many services in Spain. Please contact us for more info.