Golden Visa In Spain

What is a Golden Visa?

A golden Visa is a guaranteed residency approval to live in Spain. To qualify you need to invest in several different ways by investing a certain amount of money which in turn automatically gives you your Golden Visa in Spain. 


Buying Property is the most common way to obtain the Golden Visa. It stands to reason that investment (that can be used in different ways) is best obtained in this way. Though not every solution is the same for every client.

Golden Visa amounts

In general you need to invest 500,000e to obtain the Golden Visa. There are several stipulations and this can be spread rather than just buying one property on its own. It is best to contect us so we can work with you on this. 

Do you do property?

Yes, we can help with property. We are based on the Costa Del Sol, so even though we can help with a Golden Visa Application we can only help with property in our area. We can often refer you to a good agent elsewhere. 

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Inheritance taxes, wealth planning and tax efficiency planning.


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